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We made our name by serving our clients and earning their trust. We do it with an exceptional combination of legal skill and personal touch. For talent, accessibility, and efficiency, there's no firm in the region quite like ours.

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We provide exceptional advocacy and service, on legal matters of any size or complexity.

We know how crucial it is to feel confident in your legal representation. It’s in our nature to tackle every problem we face with attention, nuance, and care. We bring exceptional experience and acumen to litigation and labor matters of all sizes. Learn more about what services we can provide.

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What Does Experience Mean?

More than 50 years of success speaks volumes. But our experience is about much more than longevity alone. To us, real experience is the knowledge and skill we offer, and that fills our clients with confidence that they’re being taken care of.

All Hands On Deck

We helped steer a regional grocer and pharmacy chain to a successful resolution in one of the largest pieces of litigation in the nation’s history. The bellwether opioid trial in Ohio placed some of the nation’s most well-known pharmacies in the crosshairs. Only one of them avoided an adverse jury verdict: our client. Read about it and

David v. Goliath

We stopped a health care giant from building a sprawling hospital in the backyard of a residential neighborhood. In the face of a zoning ordinance that lists “a hospital” as a permitted use and an adversary with enormous resources, we convinced a unanimous hearing board to revoke the permit allowing the development to proceed. Read about it,, and

Tenacious Defense

We won a unanimous defense verdict against federal court discrimination claims on behalf of one of the region’s largest employers. Our track record in court is exceptional. We have a deep bench of trial lawyers who know how to prepare for trial from the outset of a case and, if we get there, win. Read about this one

Built With The Personal In Mind

Our team is dedicated to a high caliber of personalized service. That means we pick up the phone. We like to meet in person. And minimizing bureaucracy means we get to spend our time serving our clients.

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This Is Who
We Are

We have some strong beliefs about how a law firm should operate. We built ours on the values of loyalty, originality, accessibility, versatility and effectiveness.

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